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Team Surprise comments on Ohori Megumi's new baby!
Takamina:It's a girl, right? So if Ohori Megumi's daughter is bigger and joins AKB, it'll be a second generation.
Sasshi:Until then, Takamina will be there waiting.
Takamina:How old would I become?
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「I want to portray a wicked woman.」

Today was 「gift」stage greeting in Shinjuku Cinemart to celebrate the screening of the movie around the country, in presence of the lead role Matsui Rena (22), co-actor Kakizawa Hayato (26) and the director, Mr Miyaoka.

Extract from different articles online (newslounge,  daily sports, MAiDiGiTV YT video)

Regarding the scene shown in the preview where Kakizawa, playing a debt collector, thrust a chupa chups in Matsui’s mouth, turning toward Miyaoka-san, the director with a resenting look 「I didn’t heard he would put the candy in my mouth.」. Answering「I wanted to capture your most natural reaction」Matsui-san concluded with a bitter smile 「Lesson learnt. One I won’t forget anytime soon.」

She also spoke of her empathy with Saori 「Saori is apathetic, she lives as if there was nothing worth it in this world, she is exactly like myself back in 2° year of middle school. I digged inside me my old middle school self to play her and I think she somehow resembles my ordinary me with her gloomy look and her mumblings.」

When the MC asked Matsui-san 「What on earth happened to you in middle school?」 she simply answered 「Isn’t it the rebellious age for everyone?」, which the audience denied vigorously. 「No way! Now I feel like I’ve been betrayed by everyone!」but she kept one with her explanations 「I for one did go through that phase, fighting with my mother and such. My words weren’t crude like Saori, but I did oppose my mother and well, lots happened at home…*laugh*」.

Inquired with the roles Matsui-san ambitioned to play in her career 「Even though I’ve played a girl rubbed of her money this time…, I want to play darker roles. I’ve a face which suits sorrow best. I want to know how much sorrow and grief suit me.」, to which fans react shouting 「That’s not true!」. Her explanation wasn’t over yet however 「Endou-san said he wanted me to play his mistress. I think it’s not a bad idea. I think it would bring to the surface something unseen before. A mistress is acceptable…」, here perceiving her choice of word was unfortunate she concluded abruptly by 「I want to portray a wicked woman.」, her reformulation triggering a roar of laughter among those present.

Heard from fans on twitter that Rena asked for the last bit not to be used by journalists but of course that’s the line Yahoo! and other sites picked. Such a misleading line wasn’t going to slip, Rena! XD
I think I understand Rena’s will to break from her shell and play deeper, even more tortured roles, but I can’t shake that “meh” impression Endou left me with his remark (during Nagoya stage greeting last month). I can hardly imagine a western actor openly saying during a stage greeting “I want a movie where I have an affair with that young actress who, by the way, could easily be my daughter”. Sure, we’re talking about Japan here and different cultures etc etc but still. Gross.
So darker, deeper, more adult roles : yes. One thousand times, yes.
But I’d rather it not sound like she gives in to the pressure(?) of some slightly too lecherous veteran. There is more to a character, like in real life, to whom they have a relation with. *frog!rant time over*

Ah, I really hope gift will be released in DVD someday ( °^°)

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Matsui Rena

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“This is the member in charge of sexiness”

Finally someone made this gif XD

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The everlasting opposition between ties-lovers and ribbons-lovers has come to an end.
No!TieNo!RibbonOpen!TopButton wins over all! (ง°`ロ°)ง

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Bratty puppy asks for help~

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AKB48 - 心のプラカード (Kokoro no Placard)
140712 THE MUSIC DAY 音楽のちから

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Spoiled puppy